Why Matcha Green Tea is the Key to Diet & Detox

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If you are looking for a simple routine to lose weight and detox, then matcha green tea could very well be the answer you are looking for.

You may have noticed that in recent years matcha green tea has become an ‘it’ drink. It has become popular not only in the West, but also in other parts of Asia. This centuries-old Japanese drink is now enjoyed in all the trendiest cafes across the globe, and this antioxidant-rich tea is really making its mark on the health world.

So why all the fuss, and just how is it good for diet and detox? You may have read about the benefits of a green tea diet or green tea detox, but how is matcha better?

First, what is matcha green tea?

Matcha is a green tea made only from the finest green tea leaves grounded into a super-fine powder. The way in which it is ground and processed preserves all of the goodness in its entirety, meaning that when you drink matcha you ingest whole tea leaves. With regular green tea, you throw away the tea leaves after steeping, and essentially are throwing away most of the its minerals and benefits.

Matcha tea bushes also grow under lots of shade, which boosts their chlorophyll and caffeine content. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help detox and boost your metabolism, making matcha an ideal supplement for weight loss.

Matcha is ten times stronger than the regular green tea, which makes it considerably more effective for detox, diet, and weight loss. Matcha also gives a slow release of energy that will last throughout the day—another great reason to try matcha green tea for diet and detox!

Powdered matcha green tea

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between matcha green tea and regular green tea.


Matcha green tea vs regular green tea for dieting

  Tea Characteristic Matcha Green Tea Regular Green Tea
1 For the same amount of nutritional content – your choice of food for weight loss is important. It must be rich in nutritional content for maximum health. Requires only 1 cup. Requires 10 cups.
2 Antioxidants – foods rich in antioxidants also have qualities that promote weight loss. Matcha green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea, and 15 times more than pomegranates, another popular antioxidant-rich food.
3 All-natural and power-packed with nutrients. With matcha green tea, you consume the entire leaf i.e. 100% of its goodness.
4 EGCG, the antioxidant in green tea that is linked to weight loss benefits. The EGCG concentration is three times more than regular green tea.
5 Slow release of energy – important for dieting, you need energy throughout the day without consuming more food. Matcha green tea gives a slow release of energy that will last throughout the day. The slow release of caffeine can last up to 4 hours longer than that of regular green tea.
6 Catechin – during workouts. Matcha green tea will give a 25% increase in fat burning throughout the workout and further boost your weight loss regime. This is from the active catechin, a type of antioxidant found in matcha.
7 Catechin – post workout. Matcha helps to speed up your post-workout recovery through the active catechin. It does this by decreasing the level of stress put on the body during exercise, and it also restores any burnt-out muscles faster.
8 Calorie Level

Both matcha and regular green tea contain 3 calories per gram, which makes them both almost calorie-free.

However, if you opt for the matcha-based drinks sold in many cafes the calorie level can be a lot higher, due to the high amount of sugar and other additives. So, go for homemade matcha instead.

9 Polyphenols – for belly fat The polyphenols in matcha have the ability to burn belly fat. The polyphenols from the leaves cannot be fully extracted from the way you prepare green tea. Hence, the concentration level in regular green tea is less superior.

Verdict: Matcha green tea is better for dieting and weight loss.

Matcha green tea weight loss


Matcha green tea vs regular green tea for detoxing

Let us first understand why green tea (whether matcha or regular green tea) is perfect for detoxing.

Green tea, unlike other types of tea, is made of unfermented leaves. This way, tea polyphenols are not oxidized. When they are not oxidized, they are at their most potent. These polyphenolic compounds are strong antioxidants, and this is why green tea can help to detoxify the body better.

Tea Characteristic

Matcha Green Tea

Regular Green Tea


Polyphenols – antioxidant to detoxify.

With matcha green tea, you consume the entirety of the leaves, therefore providing you with the full polyphenol content.

With green tea, you throw away the leaves after steeping, meaning you don’t get the full effect of these polyphenols.


Catechol – the anti-oxidant that enhances fat burning. It removes the feeling of hunger during detoxification.

Likewise, you consume the entire leaves and get the full effect with matcha green tea as opposed to regular green tea.


Catechins – an antioxidant that can discharge endotoxins or LPD. Endotoxins are caused by gut bacteria that can damage your gut wall and cause allergic and inflammatory responses. This is important to note during  detoxification.


Chlorophyll – helps to detoxify. It increases the blood’s distribution of oxygen and nutrients in your body, while also helping to regenerate body cells.

Matcha green tea is grown under shade. Thus, has a higher level of chlorophyll compared to regular green tea or other types of tea.

Verdict: Again, matcha green tea is better for detoxifying the body.


So, are you ready to experience all of these benefits?

The first step is to make sure you know how to select and buy the best quality matcha.

A high-quality matcha should be vivid green in colour, with the refreshing aroma of fresh green leaves. It has a rich and complex flavour, which is  a fusion of a deep umami flavour (a mix of a seaweed-y, bitter and malty flavour) with a sweet aftertaste. If you are going to buy your matcha online, it is recommended to purchase from time-tested and reputable Japanese tea providers.

Next, how do you make matcha green tea?

There are many ways to make matcha tea and while there are also many specific utensils for its preparation, an investment in a bamboo whisk is more than enough.

To drink matcha for detox, diet or weight loss, you can mix two scoops of matcha powder with one-third cup of hot water at around 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit). Whisk the mixture until it starts to froth, and enjoy!

If this is the first time you try matcha, you can also add a dash of lemon or raw honey to give it an added flavour.

Drink three times a day; morning, mid-day, and night. If you are doing a workout, drink at least 30 minutes before your workout and another cup post-workout.

Matcha is also versatile, and is a great addition to breakfast granola, desserts, cocktails, and smoothies.

Healthy matcha cocktail


Lastly, why matcha is recommended daily

With all the health benefits of matcha green tea, you should consider adding it to your daily diet. Try swapping out your morning coffee with matcha, and enjoy the gradual release of matcha caffeine into your bloodstream throughout the day.

In addition to weight loss and detoxification, other benefits of matcha include lowering the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and cancer. It also improves blood circulation and keeps your brain healthy.

Combine these daily matcha routines with a balanced reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise, and you have got yourself the key to staying fit and healthy for life.

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